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Hello Queen!

Please make sure you read below first before booking your appointments!

Allow Me to Cherish Your Treasure

Hello Queen!! Be sure when booking your appt if this is your first time being serviced at Treasure Box you will need to be seen for a consultation. The consultation is mandatory for a first time Queen!!! During this consultation I will ask several questions to get familiar with your body in order for me to better serve you. Following consultation, we then will proceed to the yoni steam. All appointments after the first visit will be a normal yoni steam appt.

Listed below are a few rules and important information that you should know when booking.

  1. No extra guests while being serviced and no kids!! Space is limited! This will be a private session so I’m giving all my focus and attention to the Queen only.

  2. If you are booking multiple people for a service, you should contact me with each additional individual that will be joining you and provide me with all of their information as well as deposits. Because my services are intimate, the site is made to only allow one person to book a specific appointment at a time.

  3. Before an appt is confirmed a deposit of $20 must be made once you book your appointment. This will go towards the total for the overall service. No refund of deposit if you cancel your appointment and you’re only allowed to RESCHEDULE ONCE in the matter of which your cycle came on. If you have to reschedule because of your cycle, the new appointment should be made within the same month.

  4. There is a $10 late fee charge if you're 10 minutes late that will be added to your services automatically , after 15 minutes you will have to reschedule.

  5. It is very imperative that you are showered before service. Wearing comfortable bottoms that are easy to remove and put back on.. however, wearing a dress is highly recommended.

  6. If you're wanting or needing an appointment during the days that I'm closed or outside of my original business hours., there will be an additional $20 inconvenience fee added to your service


  • Sooooo, are you Queens ready to be TREASURED???

  • Lastly, the location for Treasure Box is 1120 West Broad Ave Suite A1 Albany, Ga 31707. If you have any questions OR concerns, you can reach me at (229) 942-7830

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