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Treasure Box VSteam

Treasure Box has been a holistic health facility since 2019 and we' re located in the Albany, Ga area. As a Yoni Steam Practitioner, I use my knowledge and special gifts for understanding of the mind, body, and soul connection. I aim to serve holistic health services in a way to heal and empower each individual Queen with services which consist of Yoni Steams, Herbal Milk Foot bath, Herbal Detox Sauna, Herbal Smoke Blends and a selection of natural yoni products. I also have a party room so Queens can share the wonderful experience together!

Let's talk more about our all natural yoni products!! Educating Queens is my specialty when it comes to different harmful products and chemicals that can easily throw off the pH balance, yeast infections, cause infertility, odor, along with other issues. That's why in 2019 I also came up with my own special concoction of yoni wash that I refer to as Coochie Crack! When the pandemic came, my wash was in such high demand and also kept me in business during the uncontrollably and unfortune period, that I knew it was something special! At that moment I changed the name to Coochie Crack!! The rest is history lol. When it comes to a Queen and her treasure... I will be the one to help her cherish it!! 

Let's get TREASURED Queens!

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